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New Media & Citizen Journalism

My first idea for a final project would be similar to something I did in Video Production, which would be a Portrait of a Place. I don’t think anyone will appear in the film. I would film at different parks. The theme of the film would be a peaceful theme. I want to show the scenery and sights of the parks. I don’t think I’ll have logistical problems with this.

My second idea for a final project would be another portrait of a place. This time there would most likely be teachers and students at a school that my mother works at. It would be filmed at a school. The theme of the film would be learning. I want to show the daily activities that the school does.

My final idea for a final project would be portrait of a person. My mother would most likely be in the film. Again, it would be filmed at a school due to the fact that my mother is a teacher. The theme would be a teaching documentary. I want to show what my mother does as a literacy coach at the school.


Tell us a story in code!

Using the html worksheet given out in class and the online platform TryIt Editor, code a visual online story.

Pick one of the following topics:

– a time you were really embarrassed
– a time you were surprised
– a time you did something you regretted

You must include 3 images, bold text, 3 different colors of text, italics, hyperlinks, and a list. You must scale the images proportionally!
When you are done, email the code to me at:, and I will share your stories with the class.


after I listened to George Carlin improvisation to the 10 commandments, my initial interpretation of it was that he was trying to explain on how people with religion contradicts a lot while trying to follow the ten commandments. To be completely honest, I actually agree with his opinion. As a 19 year old freshman, I lived enough to know how human beings can become more complex through all aspects of life. Around the world, there are people who want to start wars because of various reasons. they could start a war because of the economy, they could start a war because they’re searching for and they also could start a war because they think that their religion is far more superior based on what the bible said. there’s always tension between science and religion. my only question is: why not just like them both?? it doesn’t kill you to be curious every once in a while.

┬áIn this article it was about how 9/11 movies affect people who witnessed the crash of the twin towers. “United 93” and “World Trade Center” were some of the most recognizable movies because those 2 marks 9/11’s fifth anniversary. Most critics praised those movies for avoiding sensationalism and sober styles. Athough it has a little bit of authenticity, it raises a lot of questions. And those questions are disturbing. The reason why was because there is some political incorrectness from that authenticity. My opinion is that it might rub the 9/11 witnesses the wrong way because it was a traumatic experience due to their family members who lost their lives in the plane or in the ashes from the fallen buildings. I don’t know how those movies went but, if there were scenes where there were people inside the plane, I’m pretty sure those witnesses do not want to see that.

Kris is in the building…….

My project was following some people on the website called Twitter. I was doing my project on the Newtown shooting which involved almost 18 children killed by a teenager who also killed himself and his mother who also teaches at the school. It was a very sad day for everyone especially the parents of the children who were killed.

Basically, Twitter is a website where people can post short blogs about particular subjects and can also follow other people on the same subject or something that is similar. The sentences typed aren’t long because it only gives you a certain amount of space to type it on and the world count goes down. When it reaches past zero, it can’t be posted.