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New Media & Citizen Journalism

 In this article it was about how 9/11 movies affect people who witnessed the crash of the twin towers. “United 93” and “World Trade Center” were some of the most recognizable movies because those 2 marks 9/11’s fifth anniversary. Most critics praised those movies for avoiding sensationalism and sober styles. Athough it has a little bit of authenticity, it raises a lot of questions. And those questions are disturbing. The reason why was because there is some political incorrectness from that authenticity. My opinion is that it might rub the 9/11 witnesses the wrong way because it was a traumatic experience due to their family members who lost their lives in the plane or in the ashes from the fallen buildings. I don’t know how those movies went but, if there were scenes where there were people inside the plane, I’m pretty sure those witnesses do not want to see that.


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