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New Media & Citizen Journalism


30%            Production Assignments (7)
20%            In-class writing exercises
5%               Readings presentations
15%             Community Reporting Project 1
15%             Community Reporting Project 2
5%               Participation
10%             Final Exam


As a general rule . . .

  • EVERY MONDAY you will need to post a production assignment or community reporting project to the class blog.
  • EVERY WEDNESDAY you will need to read and come to class ready to write and discuss.

Production Assignments (7):
In the first half of the semester we will develop our new media skills, focusing on a new technology every week. You willhave a short assignment to complete and every week. This assignment must be posted to the class blog by 1 p.m. on the Monday it is due.

In-class writing exercises:
Every Wednesday there will be an in-class writing exercise at the beginning of class based on the readings that are due that day. You will be given a prompt and asked to reflect on the readings. You may look at your readings during this writing exercise.

Reading’s presentation:
Every Wednesday students will lead a discussion based on the readings for that day. Heads-up: I may ask to see you questions at the beginning of class. The presenter will:

  • Prepare 3 questions for the class – they must be written down!
  • Summarize the reading
  • Give your perspective or analysis
  • Ask 3 questions and facilitate a discussion

Community Reporting Project:
The second half of the semester we will work on our own citizen journalism projects. Each student will pick their own topic, and will create two new media projects based on this issue. We will workshop these projects in class, and you will post the final product on the class blog. I will give out more instructions for this assignment later in the semester.

This class relies on participation and feedback. We will have in-class critique sessions that everyone participates in, and weekly class discussions. In addition, students are expected to post comments on their classmate’s projects. Here’s the rule: every time you post on the class blog, you must post a comment on the person above and below you.

Final Exam:
There will be a final essay exam at the end of the semester. It will covers all the readings and critical concepts we cover in class. You will get more information about the final exam later in the semester.


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