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New Media & Citizen Journalism

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Citizen journalism is a term used to describe the act of normal everyday people posting information  online for a broad audience to see. Most on the posting is done on social net working sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, ireports and many more. If you are trying to contribute to the citizen journalism community you are supposed to post about news worthy and truthful events and subjects.

This Brings up some pros and cons of citizen journalism. With thousand of people posting every second who is to know what information is true and what information is made up? We cant know whats true for certain and this causes a lot of information to be miss communicated all over the world. People also make facts up to get more people to subscribe to their blog and follow what they are saying. The consequent of false information can cause people to loose money, go to jail and maybe even get killed. so we know saying the wrong things can be costly but how can we take advantage of citizen journalism?

One thing we can do is fact check by reading many different post from many different bloggers. This helps us get the right information and also many different opinions. The difference between reading something in a news paper and reading something from an amateur blogger is that the blogger is much more likely to bring up the controversial side of things opposed to a news paper who are only trying to get ratting but at the same time are trying not to offend people.

The police are now using social network post and other blogging sites to solve crimes. If they see many different people posting the same information about the crime they witnessed it is much more believable than one persons story.

Since any one can use citizen journalist outlets many more story’s are being told. We know a lot more of what is happening around the world and the pictures that are being posted effect us enough to start movements. For example if we see pictures of starving children in Africa on twitter or on face book we will feel sorry and maybe donate money or something. But if  that person in Africa did not post that picture how are we to know whats going on thousands of miles away. Of course this is a very simple example but you get what im trying to say.

The world is connected by citizen journalist all over the world. We inform each other of events big and small. Personally i think the the Pros out weigh the cons because citizen journalism is such a valuable tool that any one can use. We can use it to solve crimes, learn more information about things we are interested in, find out what happened half way across the world at a blink of an eye, inform people about what going on around you and it can be used for so much more. Citizen journalism is a very powerful thing so we should all try to use it the correct way. – Alex


Hi my name is Alex,

 I’m 18 and I just moved here from California. Im interested in making movies and I work on movie sets for the local 52 union. I play a lot of sports, listen to all kinds of music and  have 3 dogs that take up a lot of my time because we go to the dog park a few times a week. After this semester at Old Westbury I’m going to join the Navy.

   This is my puppy Kimba

When i’m on the computer i spend most of my time on:

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