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Living by Yankee Stadium isn’t as great and awesome as most people would
think. During the Baseball season it gets crazy. The trains are so
packed their is no breathing room and incredibly rude and loud people.
The streets are blocked off and you cant find parking. But whats it like
during the off-season you may ask?


Yankee Stadium During the OFF-season







By: Liz Blanco


The media I took in for one day was Facebook and Tumblr and the main websites. Regular Show and Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. The movies UP, Aladdin, and Happy Feet on ABC Family and Comedy Central Specials. I also listened to a lot of Z100 during that day

The giant Disney company owns Pixar which was the company that made the movies UP and Happy Feet. They are also the makers of the Aladdin movie in 1992.  Regular Show and Adventure time are newer shows on the Cartoon Network channel that is owned by the giant company Time Warner. The comedy central specials are a little bit more tricky because they were owned by the Giant Time Warner at first then 50% of the shares were bought to the other company giant Viacom. So now they share Comedy Central equally. The radio network z100 is – not surprisingly- owned by the media giant Clear Channel

Yesterday we got to interview Peter and Claudia which was definitely an interesting experience. It was something new and enjoyable. They were stuck up or stuffy like I had imagined them to be. They were relaxed and excited to answer our questions. These kinds of interviews are definitely something we should try again in class. 🙂

I learned that even if you start losing hope in a project, you must remain confident in it because that is the only way you will have supporters and sponsors. I also learned to listen to advice from parents because even though we don’t agree with it sometimes they know what is best.

What was interesting about both interviews were how comfortable they were speaking to us, and how prepared they were for the random questions we asked.

What is a meme? Well a meme according to both the articles is an idea or thought (now a days usually an image or gif) that gets passed around and becomes popular and viral on the internet.

For example, Most people know the “troll” face or the “like a boss” face which usually come with a catchy or funny slogan. other examples include the “Willy Wonka” meme which I’ve personally seen to help show extreme sarcasm on a topic usually no one cares about,
such as this one:willy wonka meme

Memes can definitely affect culture and politics because a meme is a small thought that sort of gets stuck in your head and as you go about your day, it just gets brought up by something a friend says or an object that reminds you of it. It also changes culture and politics in a negative way, if the information the meme is representing is incorrect or mistaken in the facts.

Regular people participate in memes to get their point across, kind of like a mini citizen journalist. It adds a humorous tone to serious topics. As well as a way to understand a persons point of view on a specific topic in a small amount of time.

Political Meme:

This is a presidential meme involving Barack Obama (our newly re-elected president) , Maury Povish (from the Maury show), and Mitt Robmoney (republican candidate for presidency. Usually on the Maury show, Maury does paternity test and majority of the time the men woman think is the father of their child usually aren’t. So this presidential meme is a parody of that situation and how Romney lost the election. Then followed by a celebration of Michelle and Barack. The point of this meme is to show that Romney will not be president. Well wasn’t elected president

Just For Fun 🙂

Community to me is a place where you don’t feel alone, a place where you can feel comfortable and you feel wanted. My community would definitely have to be the Garifuna culture, being immersed in my mothers culture just gives me that warm feeling inside. Mostly found in Honduras but also Belize and Guatemala the Garifuna are a mix of African, Spain, Caribbean and Indian.
Some important issues in my community would definitely the need to spread the culture. Its such a small community that when you look up the history of Honduras it is rare to find the Garifuna people mentioned. How I try to spread my culture is by dancing. That sense of belonging is extremely present when I’m dancing Punta, the native dance to the Garifuna and about how people feel when they dance as well as when they watch it being danced
For the community reporting project I plan on being peoples views on how they feel about our culture. the positive aspects of dancing as well at the negative aspects of the culture itself

This is Jordan Schrage interview with Jenna Setriema.
In this tidbit she compares and contrast Old Westbury and her old college