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The websites I visit daily are Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t watched any movies in a while, nor do I have time to watch television but when I do, I watch BET, NY 1,  VH1 and MTV. The music I listen to, is Hip Hop and R & B and sometimes Rap. The type of music I listen to, I hear it on Power 105.1 and HOT 97.1. From looking at the list of the top 6 companies that own 90% of media Americans consume, only 2 of the companies/websites I view, were on the list.

MTV, VH1 and BET are owned by VIACOM

Twitter and Facebook were not on the top 6 list because they are owned by their own individual owners

NY1 is owned by Time Warner Cable

Hot 97 is owned by WQHT and Power 105 is owned by WWPR-FM

My second community project is going to be on my culture and where I’m from. I am going to do a video with sound and I am going to record where I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, family gatherings, childhood memories and why my culture consist of. The video will be about three minutes long and I will work on it in class. My first project definitely gave me an understanding on what the second project should be about and the things I need to work on. I will show my life in Brooklyn and how it has changed while living in Queens, NY.

The game that I played was ‘Hey Baby’ and I thought that it would be interesting because of the way the little introduction that is given at the beginning of the game. I like how I was able to get an understanding about what the game would be about but once I started playing it, I got bored. The graphics were cool but there wasn’t really much that I could do, except shoot. I wasn’t sure if it was my computer or the game, but my cursor would not let me focus on the people that I was shooting, I had to actually focus the gun on to the person, while my cursor was all the way in the corner of the screen.

I think it’s a smart game but I do feel like it needs some fixing. I think more could be added to the game and the graphics can be a little better. It wasn’t enjoyable for me, I was more confused than excited because I kept saying to myself, “all I’m able to do, is shoot people?” I felt like the game should’ve allowed me to do more, considering the whole plot to the game. If I could fix it up, I would allow players to change and reload their guns. I would also change the way players can operate and move around with the cursor and keyboard. Lastly, I would fix it so that the characters can talk, like when a person gets shot, they can scream.

I found the first interview to be really cool and interesting. The things Peter had to say were very informative, and my classmates had some really good questions for him. I missed majority of the second interview because I was with my advisor but I’m sure it was just as fun and informative, as the first interview. I loved the way Peter was just so relax and prepared for our questions….like he knew what we were going to ask him. He probably gets asked many questions, probably similar to the ones the class asked. I think something that caught my attention and what I found most interesting, is when Peter talked about how he made his revenue and the thought of the site being successful. I didn’t get bored listening to him speak, I actually wanted to hear Peter talk more about UPWORTHY. He’s a young man that had dreams and hopes, and turned those dreams into reality, which takes great strength and motivation. I think a lot of people can learn from Peter and follow in his steps, because there are some people out there that do not believe in themselves or feel like they can become successful.


A meme can basically be anything that is spread all over the media and social websites, that soon becomes popular. This can be a quote, image, symbol or joke. Once a meme is spread throughout the world, many people start to get familiar with it and it keeps passing down from person to person. Social networking sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and quickmeme are some of the recognizable websites that deal with memes and the way memes spread. For example, the way to pass on a meme through Twitter, is a simple post and Retweet.

I think a meme can definitely have an effect on culture and politics depending on what exactly the topic is about. We find memes involving politics to be very entertaining because it’s like the memes are speaking for the public. Sometimes these memes say what we are thinking and it just gives people something to laugh at and make humor of. In my opinion, the ones that find political memes to be very entertaining are mostly young adults and teens. Im sure a lot of people may notice the recent memes spreading on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are in fact political memes involving Obama vs Romney.




This picture here is a meme that I thought was very funny and entertaining because of the words posted on the picture. It says “You wouldn’t understand Romney, It’s President stuff.” This meme is basically just saying that Romney shouldn’t have any concerns or questions because he is not the President of the United States. The humor in this picture is actually the fact that Romney wanted to be in Obama’s shoes, and that the two even competed and fought hard to become President. But only one person could get it, and that was Obama…..AGAIN!!