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Out of the two websites two TV shows and one movie only two that I could find are a part of the 90%. I chose the TV show Dr. Phil and his show is on channel two which is CBS and that is one of the big companies. The second TV show is Grey’s Anatomy which is on channel seven and that is ABC which is owned by Disney. The Movie i chose was Girl, Interrupted. For this movie it is made by Columbia Pictures and they are owned by Sony but I couldn’t find a connection to the big six companies. My two websites are Facebook and Youtube. I couldn’t find a connection for either of these. The research wasn’t showing up any connections that I could find. These are the main TV shows websites and the movie I have watched last.

My second community reporting project will be photogrophy of different parks in my neighborhood. I have several parks in neighborhood and there is a lot of nature and play sets. I will attach an audio file on the photo slide of different audio recordings I take at the park. I will begin to take pictures one park at a time. There will be around 5 parks and I will spend a few hours at each park and will do two parks a week.

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A meme is an idea or thought. It is similar to a joke. It is an image with wording. A meme can also be a short video, animated GIF’s or twitter hashtags. It spreads over the internet and by person to person contact. The meme can be part of a movie that is popular or not a television show that is popular or not and political standings. A meme can have an influence on political standings. If someone sees something thats suppose to be comical but they find it offensive they might think twice about choosing that person in an election. The memes also as the standpoint of a teenager may keep the teen interested in what is going on in the election and keep them interested in the news.The people who create memes intend them to be funny but some people may take offense and if the image is from a movie they may not want to watch that movie or associate with that character. These images, short videos, GIF’s or twitter hashtags go viral and everyone can see them and they cant be taken back. Regular people associate with online memes because they find it fun. They can go on and take photos and add captions to them that could go viral and in a few hours they could see everywhere. It is easy now to share things through the internet. People create memes because they can share their political standpoint in a way that was never accepted as socially correct. Now they can make a meme and share it and show people they feel a certain way on politics. Memes allow media companies and their audience to connect on levels that they were never able to connect on. This allows people to feel like they are being heard and the media companies to be important. 

This is a political meme. This is a photo of Mitt Romney and the caption is talking about the way he is trying to gain votes and what will happen if he is elected. His wife has cancer and he uses this as a way to gain political standings and points. If he wins he planned on cutting health insurance for other people who have cancer. It is ironic that his wife has cancer and if he wins then people who have cancer wont get the health insurance needed to fight it.

My proposal is to take pictures of all the activities that go on in my neighborhood on the weekends. On the weekends a lot of sport activities take place in the many parks around my house. I am going to create a photo journal that shows all the different parks and sports that happen. I will also attach an audio file to it as the crowds cheer for their kids.