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The website that I visit on a daily basis are; Facebook, The Weather Channel,, and also When it comes to TV, I like to watch News 12 in the morning, 6o Minutes at night on cbs, American Horror Story on fx, and also the cooking channel on the Food Network. When it comes to movies, I usually rent them off of the free on demand package I have for iO, or the movies I have recorded on DVR.

The companies that own the channels that I watch most frequently are; News Corps, which is Fox, and CBS, which is 60 Minutes. I would also consider HBO in there because whenever I rent movies or TV series, it is off of HBO on demand. I am not sure where in the 6 main companies FX or the Food Network channel falls in to.

For the extra credit assignment, I decided to try the McDonalds Video Game. I chose this because it intrigued me as to what the game could consist of. The story of the game was interesting. It made you get the feel that you were in charge of manufacturing all of the food, work and other components it takes to make McDonalds run smoothly. It begins with you having to build the pastures for the soy and deciding where to get the cows for the meat. I definitely thought it was a bit gruesome, but it is what has to be done in order to provide the food. The game also puts you in situations where the customers are questioning the nutrition of the food, and it is up to you to either pay a nutritionist in order to assure you take care of the customers needs.

The graphics were quite interesting for the game. The colors may have been my favorite part of it. I thought it was well done. It gives you many of the every day situations someone at McDonalds encounters on a daily basis. Also, interacting with the customers and also the workers is a smart concept to the game, this way you get real world experience. This is definitely something that I have never played before, which caught my attention. I thought it was well thought out, and quite successful. It didn’t make me bored, which in my eyes, is a success.

For my second community reporting project, I plan on doing what I had originally planned for my first project. What I had planned on doing was reporting on the change my town goes through from day to night. There is one main street in the center of my town that consists of about 5 bars in a quarter mile radius. During the day, the small street is filled with the hustle and bustle of the morning rush, people getting breakfast, getting to work, catching the train, or getting their morning exercise in. Once the day turns to night, there is a transformation that takes place. The streets are filled with kids, parents, and all those in between either hanging out on the streets or going in and out of the bars. I want to document how much of a change takes place, and how different the crowd is. What I plan on using for my medium is photos, and also I would like to record sound to further prove my point. I would ideally like to take photos on a Thursday during the early morning, and then throughout the late night. All of the bars are filled that night, so it would be the perfect opportunity to successfully get what I need for my project. For my in class time, I would like to go through my photos and edit the ones that benefit the message I plan to convey. Also, I would like to put together a slide show of some sort to have the audio playing over the photos that they pertain to.

I felt that the interviews with Peter and Claudine were very informative in relation to our class. The most interesting thing I got out of the interviews was when Claudine was explaining her story of how she got where she is today. Many people think that the only way to be successful is to go to college, get your masters and get a job. Claudine explained that she did not even finish college, got a great job, and has moved on to bigger and better projects that she loves. This is encouraging for people who may have ambition to do something that they love, but may not want to go through all the schooling. What stood out was the motivation that Peter had to make his website successful. He knows that it is necessary to only grow bigger and better. His confidence in what he does is something that is crucial for any entrepreneur. He had a vision of something he wanted to do, and he did it successfully. Not everyone is able to do such a thing, but he went through the right steps in order to make his dream a reality. From the interview I will remember the passion that both Peter and Claudine have. They love what they do, and that is something I strive for in my future.

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A Meme can be defined as many things. They can be ones opinion, their idea of something comical, or a unique was to portray a message. There is no solid definition for what a Meme is, mainly because it is different for each person. There are certain characteristics that all Meme’s have. Stated in the article, “What is a Meme, and What are the 50 Most Popular Meme’s Online”, It states, “A meme (pronounced: “meem”) is an idea or thought (an image, quote, symbol, joke, etc.) that spreads from person to person in school, work, the media or society at large – becoming popular and easily recognizable”. If you are part of the social media world, than you can easily name some of the most popular Meme’s, such as the “Like a boss” or any of the Willy Wonka Meme’s. These are easily recognizable because they are shared over and over, whether on twitter, facebook or instagram.

I feel that anything put on the internet that is shared many times can have an affect on culture and society. Our society is very gullible, therefore when something is shown to them quite frequently, it stays in our minds and makes us second guess some of our own thoughts and opinions. Around the time of the election, Political Meme’s were flooding the internet. Some funny, some with hopes to sway your decision, and some mocking the opponent. I don’t think that they have the power to completely change your mind on who you were voting for, but it definitely puts an idea in your head. Some people created very clever Meme’s, which I feel are the most affective.

Regular people participate in making and sharing Meme’s because it is a new modern way to state your opinion. Rather than writing a novel on your thoughts and opinions, it has become as simple as putting one sentence with a clever picture and creating a movement in some cases. Meme’s are not only being shared trough the internet, but you can see them on shirts, hats, and even bumper stickers. This has become a phenomenon of some sort in which regular people can uniquely make their point.


The Meme below is an example of a Political Meme against President Barack Obama. What this is trying to convey is this persons opinion that Obama has not done a good job at being president his first term in office. The picture that they chose is to bring some comedy to the Meme because he is pointing with a big grin on his face, and the words send an opposing message. It is almost like an oxymoron. The point of this Meme is quite sarcastic. The fact that he has the big smile, and it looks like he may be pointing to a crowd or a person while stating “I bed you weren’t good at your first job either”, is giving the message that this is his excuse as to why he, in this persons opinion, hasn’t done his job correctly.