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My community project will focus on the unemployment rate and difficulties when searching for a job in America. I will use a video to show different ways to make extra cash and express the struggle involved. Money is necessary and this topic very easy to relate to. Many Americans live with less money than they need to support their lifestyles. The economic crisis in America is a clear indication of this. I plan to expose this issue to people who may not know the severity of it.

A meme is a captioned photo on the web that captures the attention of its viewers through humor. They can be political or can also have no importance at all. Memes can be made by anyone who knows how to add text to a photo. They are spread through social media sites and many other types of blog sites. Many sites that display cultural information use memes because it is an easy way to get a point across. Many popular issues or topics spark the creation of memes. Also memes can be changed or modified as they begin to spread to more people. It is a fast and easy way to be heard. However, unlike youtube videos and articles, memes are not usually claimed by their creators. Some people like to add watermarks to receive credit for their memes, but viewers usually have no idea who the maker or makers of the memes are. Monitoring the amount of views a meme has is a lot more difficult than most things that go viral. Videos and music on the web have a visible record of the amount of times they have been viewed. A meme can be seen so easily that it would be too hard for anyone to find a simple way to count the amount of viewers.


Above is a meme that can be considered political. It expresses a view toward the gas prices in America. “The loop hole in the law of demand” refers to a common economics concept. The laws of supply and demand state that the higher the price of a good, the less people will buy it. With gas this is not the case. No matter how high you set the price of gas, people will still have to buy it. Hurricane Sandy was a storm that made many people realize how important having gas is, and how much chaos can come from a shortage. This can also be political because the prices of gas come directly from the government. People like to blame high gas prices on the president in office at that particular time. Anger toward the prices of gas can even effect an election. This meme brings up a valid point and will probably stir up thoughts about the economy when viewed.

For my pictures essay, I chose to focus on the diversity in my neighborhood. There are many different nationalities and a rich mix of culture in the communities of Brentwood and Central Islip, Long Island. These photos give a brief look into the different nations represented in my town.


Effects of Technology on Relationships

I chose a topic for my Prezi assignment that most people might relate to. Relationship interaction and new technonology such as social media sites and apps are common factors in average American lives. This is a brief analysis of the effects technology has on family, friend, enemy and couple interaction

Each photo represents something related to my life and/or my interests.