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Today I have used several forms of media. I watched FOX News. I watched Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel and I watched part of a movie on HBO. I checked my Facebook and watched News 12 Long Island. During the week I normally watch ESPN, The History Channel, MTV and comedy central. Every Sunday I tune into CBS to watch 60 Minutes.

FOX News is produced by News-Corp. ESPN is owned by Disney. Viacom owns MTV and Paramount Pictures which I saw in the movie that I saw on HBO. HBO is owned by Time Warner.  60 Minutes is owned by CBS. I do not like how only 6 media giants own multiple forms of mainstream media. I would prefer to see privately owned media companies to give the public a more unbiased opinion on whats going on.

For my Community Reporting Project #2, I would like to do the idea that is similar to what I first came up with. I would like to community at work and what I do everyday before school. Last project i did a photo essay, and now I would like to do a Photo-story which take my project to the next level. I want to demonstrate what I go through on a normal day before school and what I do on full work days on Fridays and Saturdays. I checked out a still camera from which I’ve been collecting photos with.


I really enjoyed being a part of both of the interviews. I enjoyed our interview with Peter from UpWorthy more because I liked how he is a founder of a significant social media network and he said it only had about fifteen employees. He has a large business while still maintaining the small feel. I also really like the fact that he doesn’t make money off of advertisements at all. There is not one advertisement present on the site. He said that he did this because he wanted there to be as little distractions as possible so that he could he the person who is visiting his sight to do exactly what he wants to do. I also liked when I asked him about how he generates revenue and he said that it was by promoting non-profit organizations. I was also interested in Claudina’s interview about the Startup Bus. I was interested in this one because I liked the idea that they were put on a bus for 72 hours and were expected to come up with an idea to start a business. I was more interested in talking to Peter because we were able to get clearer answers because he is the founder of the company.

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A meme (which is pronounced meek) is a thought or an idea that is spread publicly through school, work, or media, becoming publicly recognizable. The most common form of a meme today is an internet meme. These are most commonly viewed on social media websites that include pictures along with an informational phrase relating to the picture. A meme definitely has an effect on politics. It affects politics in a way that does not necessarily change peoples views but it is a way of expressing them. When posting a political meme on a social media website, it is the same as posting your political views for the public to know. The political memes help the public stay interested and engaged in current politics. Most political memes that I have recognized on social media websites were memes with a negative message towards the politician that you do not support. These will get people talking no matter if they support or oppose the politician that you do. It could easily spur a political argument between the two parties on a small scale. Another way is that it could encourage someone to post a meme that represents their views. A third possibility that I have noticed that political memes have caused is that it generally gives viewers of the meme more interest to do further research on current politics to figure out or enhance their education on their views. Most people like to participate in political memes because it is a way to interact via social media and to keep in touch with their friends. Some participate in political memes because they enjoy feeling like they are a part of something. I have found that others participate in political memes solely because they want their message to be heard by an audience. Participating in memes is not just posting them but it could also be commenting them on social media or simply showing other people.

The way that I interpreted community for this project was different than most people would have. Most people would right away think of the geographic location of where they live. I thought of my friends and family and the way that I was raised, which to me is my community of upbringing. I was raised to work hard and earn and appreciate everything I have. Both sides of my parent’s families come from hardworking backgrounds. My father and uncle work ten or more hour days running a sanitation business as my grandfather, grandmother, and uncle on my mom’s side work just as much running a meat distributing business.   As I was younger I would work Saturdays and when I had a day off from school I wouldn’t think of going to hang out with my friends right away, I would think of what time I would need to go to bed in order to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to work with my dad. I would also work summers and earn money to spend during the year. Doing things such as this mad me humble myself as a child and made me more mature than other kids. I learned to value friends and family in my life because they are the influenced that you have around you all of the time. The people who you associate yourself with represent you. The friends that I had in high school were like brothers to me. Sometimes we would argue with each other but it wouldn’t be meaningful because when you argue with your family, it’s only for the better. They were always there for me no matter what which is why I consider them family. Your family is always there for you unconditionally for anything. My community of residence was in a neighborhood that wasn’t very diverse. There were small amounts of kids in each class which was good because everyone had a personal relationship with each other. It was bad in the sense that my neighborhood was like a bubble. A high percentage of people who lived there were very arrogant and conceded. The children were very spoiled and unappreciative of things that they had. This annoyed me a lot. I would think to myself, “I’m working so hard to get the things that I have while these kids don’t even understand what they would have to do to earn them.” For example, senior year I bought my own car, while other kids were driving around in expensive cars. This really annoyed me. There are not many things in my community that I am angry with, I would just like the residents to humble themselves a lot and realized that life isn’t about what you have, it’s about who you are as a person and the values that you have.

My idea is to have a narrated photo essay. I believe it is called a photo story. I will take pictures of things that represent my community as I tell a story of how it affected me and made me who I am today. I would’ve rather made a video but I believe that it wouldn’t do my subject justice. It would be significantly more unclear to get the message across that represents my community.  I think that I am going to write what I want to say and get across first and then choose photos that will represent different segments in my story. I am choosing to do it this way because I do not want to write my story around the pictures that I chose, I want the pictures to taken around the story that I wrote.