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What I am thinking about doing for the next community project has to deal with the stores in broadway mall. I know are generation is betrayed as wild fools going crazy, drinking, doing drugs and having babies all the time. Most of all I believe its stealing. So I want to know the view points from the store owners or managers, about how they feel about the youth in their stores. Are they uncomfortable sometimes, has the youth stole before or accused anyone for stealing. Things like that.

For my extra credit assignment I played a computer game called “Hey Baby”. In this game your a very attractive women and it allows you to shoot and kill any guy that passes you by that tries to whistle, or make a comment on your appearance. In my opinion this game is pointless. I was not attracted by the graphics, which were horrible, as if they were made in the stone age, or by how little of control you have of your movements. When you play the game you have to angle yourself a certain way to move straight. I found it ridiculous that you could only shoot people who talked to you. This game was not fun at all but it would be a little amusing if I could kill everyone, as bad as that sounds. I also found the game to be racist, for comments like “ching chong, when I killed an asian character in the game, or another comment from a black character. I just can not recall what the comment was at this moment. One thing they could have added to the game was a variety of weapons, instead of the same gun that you use throughout the game. And also different levels would be intresting.

What is a meme? Memes are humourous pictures that are symbolic to certain situations. It’s a form of communicating and getting one’s point across. Some are political while others either represent whats going on in news today or they are just created to make people laugh. I see more and more of sterotypical and political memes about Obama and Mitt Romney campaign lately. Mainly because that topic is what’s popular right now, Obama won a second term, and people can relate to the memes. Memes are very popular in out social media era and spread like wildfire, from school, to work, on the web and in society. Memes have a big affect on cultural and political societies. Memes are practically based on culture and politics. They give a better understanding of things to people. A more visual picture. Everyone paricipates in online memes. They want to be apart of the people who make them. Some of the regular people are very creative and imaginative and that is where you get some of the most popular and halarious memes.

The image above is a meme of President Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King. To me it looks like Dr. Martin Luther King is giving President Obama a high five. I believe this picture represents Dr. King’s dream coming into play and turning into a reality. Everything that Obama represents is equality for everyone and that is how Martin Luther King wanted the world to be. I also believe that it is showing that he approves of his presidency. This picture is a comparing the two history figures, from past to present. The author was saying that Obama is just like Dr. King in some ways. I really love this picture because of how cleverly displayed it looks, like thier actually giving each other a high five. This meme is very strong and powerful.

The community that I will be describing is my college, SUNY Old Westbury. Old Westbury is very geographical, surrounded by acres of forest and steep hills. There is even a horse ranch on the premises. Old Westbury has many different kind of people. The possibilities are almost endless. Different races and religions that come to work together. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve also met alot of people with different sexual orientaions. It’s a good experience, in my opinion, to meet new people, whether they’re black, white, purple, or green, and love the same sex, because it gives you a different out look on life. At SUNY Old Westbury, you will have that experience. The age group varies also. Even though most of the population of students are under 25 there are alot of older people who take classes. The younger and older students come together and voice out their opinons and come to agreements. That doesn’t happen very often in this world. I am a resident so I will have access to talking with people any time of the day.

Some important issues and challenges I know off the top of my head for commuters are the parking, there isn’t enough parking spots, and travel distance from where they live. One very important issue I know that almost everyone has had are problems with the Bursar’s and Financial Aid offices. Important information is not processed on time which leads to hold on students for certain things, like registering for classes and buying books. Socially I know some people have a hard time making friends, some are transfer or international students who are uncomfortable living in another foreign country or a different college. Some can’t find the right friends to accept them for who they are. Others are just not social or don’t know how to be. There is one problem I don’t believe is that serious. The cafeteria food. I mean some things look un appealing but food is food. It’s edible and most of the time they have great tasting dishes. I rather that stuff then no food at all. But I will be getting everyone’s opinion on what they find to be very important issues in the school.

Proposal- What I will be doing is asking a variety of people that are affiliated with SUNY Old Westbury, from students to janitors, about their opinons on the college itself and what they would like to see changed or improved. What issues they have with a certain department, the construction, and even the food. And also their greatest experience at Old Westbury so far. I will be audio recording my interviews with people. I am facsinated in knowing what people think about the college they attend or work for. I’m not choosing just one group to focus on because I want to hear different opinons. I want to show the general idea of what the population of people want, except, or need of Old Westbury. My project will deal with educational and social issues. Following about great experiences.

Woodland Dorms, Hall 4 at SUNY Old Westbury, is where I live. I decided to take photos of not just the different beautiful and well constructed buildings on campus, but also how diverse the people are on campus and the different activities residence participate in. In my photos I show how Old Westbury is a very refreshing and creative place to be. The different forms of art on the windows and the unity shown in these pictures shines light on the quality of the college.