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For my community reporting project i plan to do a project on the apple iPhone community
I plan to use video for this project . Class time will be used to compile the video footage as well edit it .

` The interviews with Claudina and Peter were pretty interesting and definitely a break from your every day in class college style lecture. Aside from the constant interruption caused by the schools dropping wifi service, the interviews were very informative. It was great to speak to two people that were at the beginning of their careers and at the forefront of starting their own business/companies. And being that they are both fairly young and in the technology / media field was very motivating as I my self am in this field.
I enjoyed Claudinas explanation of her experience of her experience on the startup bus. I found interesting the fact that even though she enjoyed the experience a lot its something she would not do again because of the fact that it was something that was a one time first experience. Almost to say it was something so amazing it could never be re created again. I enjoyed Peter’s answers as well to all the questions we had.
Both interviews were very informative but what I must say I will take away from both is that to accomplish something you can’t be afraid to take risks or make mistakes. No guts no glory.

A meme is a photo that carries an idea and or practice that is relevant to specific group or culture. In most cases it generalizes a thought or belief and makes fun of it in some way or another. A meme consists of a photo that shows an image that relays a thought or feeling and different captions are attached to it depending on what message the creator is trying to get across. Some memes are used to exaggerate a thought or belief while others may make fun of a situation. They have memes made to convey messages the expression on a persons or even an animals face may be trying to get across or messages the creator might trying to get a across using various facial expressions.
Being that memes convey messages or beliefs they definitely have an impact on culture as well as politics. The fact that they are so simple to make, understand and most importantly share makes them have a strong impact on the way people think about something. I believe the fact that some of them are so humorous and clever makes them something people want to share with friends, family.
Its funny you should ask why regular people participate in online memes. I actually found myself making a few during this whole hurricane sandy disaster. Why did I do it, I guess out of boredom but also to make people laugh and almost help the time pass getting through the storm. Almost making people want to laugh instead of cry in a sense because of the situation at hand. As for other people other than myself I believe that may want to have their opinion and beliefs heard by others and even connect with an audience that maybe feels the same way they do. Some simply to get a laugh out of people as a lot of them are pretty funny, but there are numerous kinds out there and creators with all kinds of different motives.

These are two memes I made during the storm to entertain my friends. One exaggerates the damages of the storm showing a scuba diver swimming in a NYC train station the other I made after the movie Ted which is about a fouled mouth teddy bear who, in the movie, was the main characters “thunder buddy” (a companion to lay under the comforters with during any thunder storm) Around the time after the movie was released a lot of girls would ask a guy to be there ” thunder buddy” flirtasiously.

The community I live in is populated mostly by minorities of West Indian origin and or background. I believe that it is broken up into social class to some extent as well as being based on interests. Because of the type of people that populate my community I believe there are numerous establishments that have been constructed and invested in because of the people interested in them. Various west Indian restaurants can be found fairly easily in most towns and areas near by. The area also supports the various cultures of the islands with mom and pop shops selling things designed around the cultures of the west-indies and other neighboring islands. The clubs and lounges also normally play the genres of music that people of these cultures might have grown up listening to depending on your age.
As far as religion is concerned I believe most inhabitants are of the Christian faith just judging by the number of Christian churches that can be found. Id also says that the dominant sexual orientation in my community is hetero sexual just by sheer observation and living here for 23 years.
One important issue in my community is the youth wasting there time cutting there classes and hanging around in the neighbor hood idle, getting themselves into trouble with others as well as with the law. I think this is one of the biggest challenges in my community because in my opinion most of inhabitants are between the ages of 16 and 25 and will be the ones who take over some day as the older generations pass on. I don’t believe my community has enough structured extra curricular activates or programs to interest these adolescents and young adults. I also feel that the media plays a pivotal role in some of the illegal activity that takes place. It puts it in peoples heads that to be considered “cool” one has to have expensive clothes, drive an expensive car etc and some are trying to leave beyond there means by any means necessary and at times committing illegal acts to meet this standard. I even believe some of the adults are attempting to portray this false image with lavish spending and some end up losing their homes and vehicles by trying to live beyond there means. Instead of taking the illegal route the older generation instead dig themselves deeper in debt.
Another more minor challenge in my community is the littering that, in my opinion, makes the area look no-where near as nice as it could. I feel like these never a reason you should have to.
The types of medium I would use would be audio video, audio and possibly photos. For my project I would create a video about either the Subaru car club community of the community of iphone users.