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The websites i visit daily are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and CNN. I also visit YouTube on a regular basis and google. The tv channels i usually watch are MSG, ESPN, FX, NBA TV, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and TNT.

I watch NBC on the weekend for sunday night football and such which is owned by GE.I alwso watch sunday night football on FOX also which is owned by News-corp.ESPN and ABC are owned by Disney which i watch on a regular basis.CNN is owned by Time Warner.CBS is one of the big six companies that owns 90% of the media we consume.

I also know that Twitter is individually owned and Facebook owns Instragram.


I chose to play the “Hey Baby” video game online. The game is basically about a woman who runs out a town and kills people who try to hit on her. Men are the only people who hit on her, so the point of the game is to shoot every guy that hits on her. I thought the graphics were terrible for an online game and the sensitivity of the controls we’re very off. The sensitivity was very high meaning if i wanted to move my character she would move very fast and not slow down. The content i thought wasn’t that good either. There is no point/goal in this game. You just have to run around and shoot men and see blood gushing out of them. I believe every video game/online game/board game has to have a goal to reach or achieve. There is no goal in this game which makes the game completely pointless.

As much as i enjoy running around and shooting people in the head, i think the game is very low quality in most aspects. There are many glitches in the game also where if u kill someone┬átheir death stone is floating in the air. Sometimes the mean that try to approach you are flying on the air, and sometimes they are walking but aren’t moving towards you. The game would be much better if they had some kind of goal like “get this many kills in this amount of time”. I would also like to see an increase in the quality of graphics and maybe put more thought into the game. I think it is a good concept of shooting people who approach you and try to hit on you. But the game needs much better graphics, controls, goals, variety and much more. Overall i would give the online game a 3/10


The interviews with Claudina and Peter this past class was very interesting in my opinion. I thought it was a very different way of learning, instead of reading long articles on things that sometimes don’t interest you as much. It was different and quite useful for people going into the industry or community of social media and web designing. The most interesting was the information each interviewees gave us. It was interesting to find out why Peter made his social networking sites and the tips that Claudina gave us was also very interesting. What stood out the most was that they were very two normal people who are web designers and social media owners. Peter just recently made the website and he’s planning on expanding to his full potential in the next few years which was very interesting to hear. How he plans on reaching newer heights and how he is going to start making his money. Claudina’s interview was also interesting because she was talking about the bus competition and how it was a very different experience for her. We also viewed various different websites she made which I thought was “cool” because it shows how coding and web designing actually creates a website. Overall I thought the interviews were really fun and interesting to do instead of the normal lectures and discussions we have almost every class. I hope we have more for the near future and so on.

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A meme is an idea or thought that is shown usually through an image that usually rapidly spreads through everyday life-like school, work media or the even the soceity.Usually involves sarcasm, and comedy in order to bring out a point. As also proven in one of the articles memes today are used to also keep up with whats going on in the pop culture, and even the election that recently took place. Memes are widespread through our modern culture and is commonly known. I literally see memes everyday on all the social networking sites like instagram, Facebook, twitter,etc…

I think a Meme can or cannot have an impact on culture and society depending on the topic. Some people look at memes and make memes for their own sense of entertainment. They use it to make fun of athletes,celebrities,politicians and etc… Some people use it as a source of entertainment, I believe most teenagers use it as a pass time to just read and have a good laugh. I don’t think it affects the election in any way is a meme is made about one of the candidates. I believe teenagers and young adults are well aware of the candidates and some meme is not going to change their opinion. I think memes are used today simply as a source of entertainment and pass time.

Regular people participate in memes in order to have a good laugh and entertain themselves. Some may do it make fun of someone they hate or to take revenge. I remember nearly a year ago there was a website called “highschool memes” where every high school in the USA has its own profile page,and students can log on and write memes about their schools, teachers,students,events and so on in order to just entertain themselves. This website was huge and caused the attention f many students in my school. The website was full of memes about students and teachers, and it sometimes got very personal and rude.



This Meme is a combination of President Obama asking for his second term and the rap singer “2 chains” the album cover had 2 Chains written on it, and the meme replaces the rappers face with Obama’s face and instead of 2 chains, Obama wants “2termz” This was one of the most popular memes among teenagers on social networking sites, because of the parody, comedic though interesting way to promote Obama’s campaign.