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the media i use daily are Instagram,facebook and twitter. i also visit websites like BBC News,,GOOGLE,Mediatakeout and the Huffington Post. i dont watch tv very often, but when i do i watch channels like CNBC, VH1,LOGO,MTV and BET. i watch movies online, mostly on netflix. Instagram,facebook and twitter are all independently owned. Vh1,LOGO,MTV and BET are owned by Viacom. BBC News is owned by BBC, and Forbes and Mediatakeout are independently owned. Netflix is owned by different shareholders.

since we’re coming close to the end of our first semester, i want to do my community project based on everyones experiences so far at Old Westbury. i’ll focus on the kids in my dorm because theyre the closest to me. i want to do a video so we can hear everyone talking and sharing thier experiences.ill also ask questions that will make the interviews original and interesting.

i enjoyed doing the skype interviews. i like how Pete explained what Upworthy was and it s purpose. he also answered everyone questions thoroughly and honestly. sometime when you have a good idea, you don’t make a profit right away but i think this website will be huge. also, i like the fact that they use serious information with catchy headlines so it has a better chance of being passed around. i also enjoyed hearing Claudinas story and how she got to where she is. StartUp Bus seems like a lot of fun and i liked hearing her experiences. when she spoke about how her mom gave her that extra push to web design it reminded me of my mother!

A meme is cultural information that gets passed from one individual to another. it is also subjected to imitation. Examples of memes are catch phrases or melodies. Internet memes are memes that spread rapidly through the internet via blogs, Facebook,twitter and other social networks. These memes are usually pictures with captions on them. the captions are peoples thoughts and ideas on whats going on in the world. Memes can definitely have an effect on culture and politics for the simple fact that its a spread of ideas. Peoples thoughts and opinions are being spread and also being noticed. Of course  its being done in a humorous way, but it almost helps us see things from a different point of view.Memes also prompt people to do more political research because it makes them interested. The thing that’s funny about it is the sarcasm and the fact that they sometimes have a little truth in them. Regular people participate in memes because its fun and entertaining. Its a creative way to get your thoughts out about different topics.


This meme is about how people like Donald Trump made a big deal out of where President Obama was born. You can only become president of you’re a natural-born citizen, so they wanted to see his birth certificate to make sure he was actually eligible to be president. While all of this was going on, President Obama was too busy taking out the Worlds Most Wanted, Osama Bin Laden to engage in it right away.