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My first idea for a final project would be similar to something I did in Video Production, which would be a Portrait of a Place. I don’t think anyone will appear in the film. I would film at different parks. The theme of the film would be a peaceful theme. I want to show the scenery and sights of the parks. I don’t think I’ll have logistical problems with this.

My second idea for a final project would be another portrait of a place. This time there would most likely be teachers and students at a school that my mother works at. It would be filmed at a school. The theme of the film would be learning. I want to show the daily activities that the school does.

My final idea for a final project would be portrait of a person. My mother would most likely be in the film. Again, it would be filmed at a school due to the fact that my mother is a teacher. The theme would be a teaching documentary. I want to show what my mother does as a literacy coach at the school.


My project was following some people on the website called Twitter. I was doing my project on the Newtown shooting which involved almost 18 children killed by a teenager who also killed himself and his mother who also teaches at the school. It was a very sad day for everyone especially the parents of the children who were killed.

Basically, Twitter is a website where people can post short blogs about particular subjects and can also follow other people on the same subject or something that is similar. The sentences typed aren’t long because it only gives you a certain amount of space to type it on and the world count goes down. When it reaches past zero, it can’t be posted.

I filmed some parts of my town after Hurricane Sandy hit us. There was garbage and piles of furniture all over front lawns at many homes. Across from my house, Men’s Warehouse was fixing the inside of the building after it was flooded.

The Circle of Strength is a Non-profit organization created by Nanci Cacossa. It’s goal is to raise money to find a cure for Ovarian Cancer. I interviewed my best friend and the son of Nanci Cacossa.

Here is a list of the websites/TV channels that I usually watch or visit:  I usually watch funny videos and youtube poop.  I check my email there. Maps and information on the classic Sonic Genesis games. An encyclopedia about the Mario series.

Nickelodeon I ususlly watch Spongebob Squarepants or Family Matters in the morning.

Cartoon Network I usually watch The Amazing World of Gumball and The Looney Tunes Show.

Comedy Central  I usually watch Jeff Dunham or South Park.

Fox I usually watch Family Guy or American Dad.

The Hub I usually watch ALF.

Youtube, Yahoo, Themysticalforestzone, Sonic.wikia, and Mariowiki are independently owned. Nickelodeon and Comedy Central are owned by Viacom. Cartoon Network is owned by Time Warner. Fox is owned by News Corp. The Hub is independently owned.

100_0594My community is very self-centered. You don’t even have to leave town to go to a mall or a far away store. You can get anything you need in this town. People mostly use cars for transportation and others use the railroad to go to the city. I live in a peaceful town where there is hardly any form of poverty. There is barely anybody at the park and there are many cars on the road. We have about like 6 malls to go to.

The online video game I played on the internet is called McDonald’s, created by the same company. Basically the game is about trying to run the company without going bankrupt or you get fired. You have to hire grillers and cashiers to give customers the food they want and you have to make sure you have enough supply of burgers. Once in a while you will have to deal with environmentalists who sue the company for tearing down forests so you have to corrupt an climatologist to bring the protest down. Sometimes there are diseased cows and you have to kill them before they are butchered or people will sue you for health diseases. If cows stay on the same part of grass for a long time and the fertilizer goes down to zero, the cows die and the land is no longer able to be used. If you lose a lot of money and reaches negatives, you will get a game over, and have to quit.