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Tell us a story in code!

Using the html worksheet given out in class and the online platform TryIt Editor, code a visual online story.

Pick one of the following topics:

– a time you were really embarrassed
– a time you were surprised
– a time you did something you regretted

You must include 3 images, bold text, 3 different colors of text, italics, hyperlinks, and a list. You must scale the images proportionally!
When you are done, email the code to me at:, and I will share your stories with the class.



Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 1.34.39 PM

Picture 1

Part I: 

Keep notes on all the media you consume for one day. Which websites, blogs, news sites do you visit? What TV channels do you watch? Movies? Music? Be specific. We need to know what the COMPANIES are that produce this media.

Part II: 

Consult the infographic below with the list of the top 6 companies that own 90% of media Americans consume. How many of the companies/websites from your list in Part I are owned by one of these six companies? List them all! Tell us who owns what. Write it up as a blog post.

Due Monday. 2 paragraph review on the blog

1. Play one of the following games:

Hey Baby 
Any of the games from Molle Industria 


2. Write a 2 paragraph review of the game. How was the story? Graphics? Was it well-done? Smart? Enjoyable? Write a compelling, sharp review.

For Monday — please post your COMMUNITY REPORTING PROJECT II proposal on the blog.
Please include the following:

1. What is your idea? What will you report on?
2. What medium will you use? (It mostly be different , or add onto the one you used for the first project)
3. Your timeline for getting the project done. Look at the course schedule. When will you film/take pictures? How will you use your in-class worktime?