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I made a website for this community reporting project. click here


In one day i watched 31 disney channel with my nephew all day. 

That day is not typical i usually check my share builder account and and I also play some video games on my computer typically. News is always the bad in the world and I don’t really follow it as I lose faith in humanity. 

For my Project i will be building a WordPress blog with links to Hurricane relief sights

I chose to play the McDonald’s game where you become the CEO and have to make a successful business. You control from the cow and food for the cows to the patty and hire crew to run your store. You can run advertising campaigns to increase foot traffic. You can corrupt nutritionists and climatologist to say that all the destruction you cause wont have an effect on the environment.

It is a very fun game that you can play. Graphics are nothing to rave about just a typical flash game. It is well done its challenging. The game designer is definitely not a McDonalds advocate and is very anti McDonalds. The game is very enjoyable. You face lawsuits for destroying rainforest to increase cow and soy fields and you can corrupt a small town to take their land its just showing how big business with their money can destroy natural habitats to make more money. McDonalds is not displayed in a positive light anywhere in the game.



Sexual harassment is such a real thing and little is done to offenders. Its good that people are making reform its long overdue. It is so sad that people like to troll or frustrate others there is so much better things to do for fun that don’t hinder others. I was surprised to hear that a coach was guilty of sexual harassment against his own player. I don’t see a problem with the government making a video game if they didn’t kids would just be filled with call of duty or battlefield other first person shooters. Kids play games but they aren’t about to go run off to the military but the game seems to offer a variety of real things soldiers go through and is more informative that call of duty where you just shoot the bad guys up. The other games are cool to see its nice to know there are wholesome games with deeper roots.

Hurricane Sandy- Jordan by

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A meme is an idea or thought that spreads from person to person in school, work, the media or society at large goes viral or is very wide spread that nearly anyone on a social media site sees it. Usually a picture with words describing it or their points.

A meme can have a effect on peoples view of a candidate. Some people making the meme don’t always fact check but instead just publish it with no integrity. This can quickly spread lies that taint a view of a candidate of buff a candidate for something that isn’t true. Pictures are easily committed to memory and even if they are just passed off they can still be used in the decision process. Can it effect society it can make a phrase popular but not really changing day to day life. It could change mannerisms in certain instances but not to a drastic extent.

People make memes because they can voice their opinion and are fun and enjoyable to make and read. Memes are becoming a great way for people to be creative and voice their opinions.

Saying that in America and other countries that are well off problems are so insignificant. This is the only one that i saw of it.



She is a Commuting sophomore in her second semester. She works for the library.