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I’ve decided to do my second project on the aftermath of hurricane sandy where I live. I want to take pictures of the progress that has been made since the storm. I will also like to show pictures of places in my community where there still isn’t any progression.


I just did a quick recording of someone who had lived in Far Rockaway all of their life. They were around to see the past, present, and will still most likely be around to see what the future hold now that Hurricane Sandy has destroyed a lot of the progress that Far Rockaway has made. My project was going to be,originally  about how the beach use to be a main tourist attraction years ago. Later on in the years it became neglected and no one really cared to travel to Rockaway Beach. The past few years it has underwent a lot of new development. New parks were created, the beaches were being taking care of. People actually started to return to the beach more. It started to become presentable again. I felt like Rockaway Beach was beginning to show a great and new change to its community. How ever during Hurricane Sandy all of this has changed most of the new development like the boardwalk, community centers, new parks, etc has been destroyed, setting Rockaway beach to the way it was before. So a lot of residents are concerned about whats going to happen to community now

My community is a small town in Queens called Far Rockaway. I grew up in two churches in this area St. Johns Baptist Church in Far Rockaway and also Inwood.My school community was Long Beach Middle School and well as Long Beach High School. I graduated from Far Rockaway HIghschool. So I’m surronded by numerous comminities. I can say I grew up in Queens, Harlem and Long Island all at the same time.

Far Rockaway is a small town that probably most people only knew for its beaches. As of now it probably would be known for its beachs, new development and also its crime. Growing up in it was more of a peaceful place to live in oppose to how it is now. The town is now that big it consist of about a 120 blocks starting from beach 1st to beach 121 street.

My church community I first attended was St. Johns Baptist church which is also in Far Rokcaway. I attended this church as a young girl with my grandmother. This was more so of her church home. As I got older I went to St. Johns Baptiste Church which is in Inwood Long Island, where i currently reside. I spent most of my adolescent years attending this church and feel as if this was more so of my church community chosen by me.

My grandmother aslo lived in Harlem, Newyork which was my home as well. I say i grew up here as well and it is apart of my community, due to the fact that after I moved from here I continued to visit. I have a family here as well and consider it to be my home away from home. Harlem consist of some many things community wise. My grandmother lived only a few blocks from the Apollo. This was a place I often was at. There were schools, block parties, and cook outs almost everyday in the summer time. Everyone looked out for eachothers kids and grandkids etc. Growing up around this community had the best impacts on my life

I always lived in Queens or Harlem, but during my Jr. Highschool years and my first two highschool years I went to school in Long Beach, New York. My school community at this time was a 360 from my living community. It was also a great experience for me as well, Far Rockaway isnt one of the worst places to grow up but it isnt the best as well. I was able to have a better education under these circumstances and was open to knew expriences as well. Long Beach is more of and higher class neighborhood and is also known for its beach attraction. The transformation from attending city schools to Long Island school was definitely not easy but it was worth it. Going to school in Long Beach I played many sports which I feel I may have not participated or have been interested in playing in any sports.

Glen Cove-20121009-00105_2

This to me is one of the most important parts of my neighborhood after 8 p.m. Everything in my neighborhood closes extremely early so this is the closet place that you can get just about anything after hours. Unfortunately there aren’t any close convience stores until you reach the next town. After 8 this store is always extremely packed I believe than any other time of the day

The most challenging part was the pictures. The letters were easy, i realized that once I did it one time the rest was pretty much the same