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The media I consume

For my second community reporting project I plan on reporting about the website Reddit. I will use a photo story and audio as my medium. I will use my personal experience and opinions as a user of Reddit to report on the impact Reddit has on people and events outside of Reddit. I plan on reporting on both the bad and good things that have come from Reddit. I will also report on who the average redditor is. Because reddit is a website I will be relying mostly on screen captures for pictures and narration to explain my thoughts and ideas about Reddit.

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The term was first coined by  the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. He used the term to describe the ideas and phenomena that spread through a culture. Today memes are used everyday by everyone.  A meme is an idea and they are very divers and numerous, but one thing that people often mistake about memes is the idea that an image macro is a meme. An image macro can become a meme, but not all image macros are memes.  In the first article “What is a meme” on Policymic all the examples of memes they give are image macros. This shoes that the author does not understand what a meme is and the vast nature of memes. A meme can be an image, a video, a sound or song, and it can even be as simple at a few words, “You mad bro?”. Memes are ideas and phenomena that spread through a culture but they are not labeled memes just become of how many people use them. a meme needs to be able to survive the test of time. It needs to be able to be used over and over. This is the test all new memes go through. if a meme becomes dry and over used it will die out and no longer be a meme. Memes convey an idea and when used in the proper situation. However a meme cannot be used to convey any message  when a meme is used to convey a message that is not the same as the original idea of the meme it will not work and send conflicting messages. a meme cannot be changed to fit your needs, but there are many different memes and it is possible to find a meme that matches your message. It is easy to use a meme when you understand what the original meaning of the meme is, because of this a meme is something anyone can use. Memes can convey ideas is few easily that it can sometimes be difficult to covey in words over the internet when face to face conversation is not possible. The college liberal meme is to point out the hypocritical ideas  and behaviors of the left-wing activists. It is an image of accompanied by text, usual a left-wing idea followed by another left-wing idea that is hypocritical of the first.

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The Community I grew up in was a small neighborhood in a small town where you could walk to everything. My friends were my neighbors and we all knew one another. The most important part of my community to me was the library. It only took a few minutes to get their on foot from my house so it was a place that I frequently visited. The library was a quite place where you could learn knew things or read a exiting story. This was my passion whether it was books, magazines, or movies the library had them. This was before every kid had a cell phone or even wanted one. But as technology advanced and the Internet became easily accessible to everyone I was able to develop a new community that fit my interests better than the small town I grew up in. On the internet you can access all the information you could possibly want.  The internet is not restricted by age, sex, race, religion, or geographical location. The internet is a community of common interests. Their is a community for everyone on the internet. However the internet is not a single community buy a group a many diverse communities. The communities could be divided by what website you use. or what interests you have. What community you are part of on the internet is completely up to you. Like a library you could access all the information you could want, but you could also interact with a nearly limitless number of different people. This is the reason why I wanted to find a place on the internet. The internet is a big place and can be hard to find a place that fits you. I found my place on a website called Reddit. On Reddit if their is an interest or belief there is a place for you. Reddit is a forum where you can make posts of images, videos, links, or just post your ideas. It is made up of many different sub-Reddit that focus on a single topic. You can be apart of as many different sub-Reddit as you want. Recently there has been significant problems facing the internet. With laws like SOPA and ACTA the freedom that allows communities like Reddit to flourish is being threatened. This along with copyright laws significantly damage the creative freedoms of the internet.  And no matter how many times the communities of the internet and the world fight of laws like ACTA the lawmakers seem set of making these unwanted and unneeded laws pass. Other problems the community faces are the monopolies telecommunication companies have over the internet. They want to restrict and limit the amount of data people can use to make a profit.

I want to create a website that shows the challenges the have faced the freedom of the internet and the challenges in continues to face. I also want to include in the website what people can do to help protect their internet freedom  I want make a website that informs people what internet freedom gives then and what would happen if it was taken away.  My second idea is to create a photo essay that shows the fight for internet freedom.