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I viewed several websites, I checked (self owed) out ,, a few times, and (owed by google)to see if there was anything interesting up. I usually watch on TV Walking dead on AMC (owed by AMC) and the voice on NBC (owed by GE) , and if I have time i would try to watch any type of comedy movie. On my daily drive i listen to Z100 (owed by Clear Channel).                 Vanessa Moise

For my second community project I’m going to continue my first project which is to take pictures of the aftermath of sandy, how the town is doing , what was fixed and what wasn’t and what still needs to be worked on … It will be a photo essay

For the extra credit assignment I chose to play iced . The story line was about immigrants trying to be legal and not wanting to get caught by the cops, therefore they had to answer questions and do good deeds throughout the game.               Basically the game started you pick a character and walk around the city trying to get points and not get caught from the cops. I got bored after 10mns of trying to play, there was nothing captivating about the game. The graphics were descent but not exceptional, I don’t understand the point of this game.

When Iced was too boring I tried most of the games from Molle Industria and though that most of them where politically incorrect and deranged

A meme as described in the reading is ” an idea or a thought (an image, quote, symbol, joke , etc.) that spreads from person to person in school, work , the media or society at large – becoming popular and easily recognizable.” Before meme were used in commercials ,TV spots, movies and anything similar to a recognizable slogan that many  people knew about and could see. Now we see memes all over the Internet , on facebook , Instagram and other media websites. People put memes up on their pages to get responses from others, to make people laugh, to say what’s on their mind or what’s going on , to talk about actual events or just make fun of something. Memes sends the message out in a fun, maybe sarcastic way that people can laugh or think about in a none serious way .

Memes talk to all generations , and for people that don’t fallow the news, if memes are circulating around the Internet anyone can get the message because the picture describes a situation. We would think a meme can have an affect on culture because people like to shadow other people , if their friends are always putting memes up online sooner or later they will they will also and that becomes a trend. Politically, memes have affects only on people when they reading them and seeing them online if they have to do with something politic ,if they bringing up a politic event otherwise memes are more for fun then trying to change things.

Regular people participate in online memes to express themselves, to speak what’s on their mind , to use current events and speak up about in a safe none stressful or strict way where even if its politically incorrect what they saying, but its okay because it can be seen as a joke.

My communities are quite simple , they are mainly the areas where I live and work. I live in Hicksville New York on a residential street really near the highway, it’s not a bother because there are trees blocking the sounds of the cars passing all day. The majority of my neighbors are Caucasian, I think there’s only one Indian family on the block. Everyone’s just cordial to one an other, the neighbors are really nice and are always willing to help if needed  . There are always people jogging , running and walking at all times on the sidewalks, mothers with their strollers, people with their dogs there’s always something going on outside. In the perimeters you’ll find everything schools, parks , a gym, nail salon, a lot of eateries and basically anything I would need is about a mile or two away. My community is very safe and secure , its welcoming and quiet . People their mind their own business and make sure their property always look good which keeps the value of the area up.

My work community is also in Long Island , located in Westbury New York in the center of many shopping establishments , I work for a restaurant, a well known social place . The members of my community are mainly my fellow servers, the host , managers , the staff and the customers stopping by on a daily basis. Working in the restaurant I connect with all sorts of people from all around the word. The workers in the restaurant are generally a younger group , therefore working in that environment is just like being in “High school” , it’s not as serious as any other jobs, we play games , fool around , make jokes and anything fun on our down time. Although this job gives the workers some type of comfort, it’s a very demanding job because we dealing with all sorts of people and the goal is to meet all their needs and be always attentive and make sure customer are happy.

I can’t complain about the community where I live , there are no issues really, but at work there can be some problems. As a worker I’s really responsible and want to work in a well-managed and structured work place. My issue with my job is that management caved in ,and are acting like the young kids that work for them , they do not care about the business and don’t make an effort to put in the work that need to be put in to help the business grow. Since management is not doing their job it’s blocking the whole restaurants productivity, and I can’t stand by and watch my job go down.

Looking at my work community, and the fact that I feel something needs to be done about the way my job is ran, I would take picture of what i feel isn’t the appropriate work ethic for a manager and use those pictures for my presentation. The pictures will show their actions and how it might affect the workers.