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The top tv shows that I watched today were The Walking Dead on AMC, and the Jets game on Fox. The websites that I went on were,, facebook,, and, and The websites I visit arent owned by any of the top 6 companies and most of them are indpendently owned. AMC is indpendently owned, and Fox is owned by News Corp. None of the media that I viewed for today is owned by the top 6 companies that own 90% of the most viewed media. On other days though I do view media that is owned by by the top 6.

For my second community reporting project I plan on taking pictures showing the transitions that happen during the busiest night of the week at the restaurant I work at. I plan to show the beginning of the night when we set up, our rush hour, and our closing time. I plan to use iMovie and music to present my pictures. I plan to take the pictures in the next week when I go in to work Saturday. During the class time I plan to use photoshop to edit the pictures that I have taken and begin working with iMovie.

I thought the interviews with Peter and Claudina were pretty cool. I found it interesting how we read about them the night before and then the next day we were able to meet and talk to the over Skype. Ill remember what it was like to conduct the interview with Peter and the information I gained from the questoins the class asked. Also ill remember what we learned about what it was like for Claudina to be on the StartUp Bus and the coding that she does. What stood out for me was how nice and cool they both were and also the questions the other students asked, how they were proffesional and intellegent.

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A meme is a thought shown through what is usually a picture or quote that gets spread through the media, and through individuals that can become popular. Before the Internet memes would come through commercials, TV shows, and movies through popular jingles, slogans, and phrases. Today memes are spread through being shown on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. The user takes elements from tv shows, movies, politics and mixes them into pictures with captions and these memes can go viral. Memes can affect politics as they can keep the younger population involved with following the debates and current politics. Memes don’t influence voters to vote for a certain side but they do help with keeping voters interested with the current politics. Political memes usually show the creators views on what is going on and is biased to what side they are on. The memes usually portray the opposing candidate in a negative but funny way. Another effect it has is that after the viewer sees the meme they can become intrigued and look up what the meme is talking about and search up more information on the current politics. Regular people participate in online memes to express their thoughts and feelings, and to share their jokes also they participate to see others memes and to see something funny.

This meme shows Donald Trump’s reaction to Obama’s victory. Previously before the election Trump told Obama over Twitter that if Obama was to release his birth certificate then he would donate 10 million dollars to a charity of Obama’s choice. This meme just shows how mad Trump probably was when he found out Obama won and how Obama would react to Trumps reaction.