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New Media & Citizen Journalism

Final exam: Monday December 17 , 1:oo PM

It will consist of short answer and essay.

The following is a list of terms and concepts that may appear on the final exam. 


What is citizen journalism?


Pros and cons of citizen journalism:


CNN iReport:


The rise of citizen journalism – what factors led to the rise in citizen journalism?


Rodney King:


George Holliday:


Adrian Schoolcraft:


JFK assassination video:


Abraham Zapruder:


WTO protests – why was this important to the development of citizen journalism?



Egypt and Twitter – how does this relate to citizen journalism?

Photojournalism, Dorothea Lange:


Mrs. Q and Fed Up With School Lunch:


Oral history – what is oral history?


ACT UP oral history project:


Hurricane Katrina and the media:


Audience  — local vs. national


Times Picayune newspaper:




Startup Bus


Social issues in video games


ICED video game:


Army’s Gate and critiques:


Anita Sarkesian:


Sexism in video games:


Media consolidation:


Clear Channel:


News Corps:


Train derailment, Minot, ND:


Social media in the workplace:


What are some of the issues people may come across with using social media in the workplace?

Possible essay questions:

1. How does citizen journalism relate to democracy and civic participation? Describe in detail 3 case studies or issues we have studied in class. How do these examples expand democracy or contract it?

2. In our Skype interview, Peter said that at UPWORTHY they believe that in the future people will get all their news from their friends via online social networks. How does citizen journalism relate to the growth of social media in our culture? Make an argument about how citizen journalism relates to social media, and use 3 examples to support your argument. 2 examples must come from content we discussed in class, one example can come from outside of class.

3. How has citizen journalism changed in the last 50 years? Make an argument about how citizen journalism has changed – and use 3 examples to support your argument. All 3 examples must come from class.



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