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The websites that I visit on a daily basis is facebook, twitter, and instagram.¬†When watching television i watch channels such as VH1, BET, and MTV because I like to watch music and the videos that come along with them. Movies that i like to watch are action movies, and movies that usually have a major twist at the end of them. i usually watch movies on a application named “netflix” which offers popular movies that have came out all over the world. The music that I find the most interest in is R&B and Hip Hop which comes on 97.1 FM and 105.1 FM. These two channels are the most popular for these specific genres.

MTV, Vh1, and BET are owned by VIACOM.. I recently found out that twitter and facebook are both individually owned.

Even though both FM radio stations are similar in music they are owned by two different companies, 105.1 is owned by WWPR, and 97.1 is owned by WQHT.

I played hey baby i liked the fact that i had a gun. It made me feel powerful. The game had a lot of glitches and wouldn’t download at first. I was going to give up, but then it worked. This game just let the main player kill everyone, but females. The fact that females couldn’t get shot showed the sexism in the game. Im happy that the women were not able to get killed because I’m a female myself and the pain probably was to intense. Killing people s never a good thing, but when a game is all about killing you have too. The point of this game was to kill everyone and see how many people you killed at the end of the game. It was fun as i became more familiar with it, and i would recommend it to those who want to play some type of killing game. its a negative game, but if you are into guns and things of that nature then this game would be pefect.

I really enjoyed the skype video that occurred during class. I liked what the creator of “upworthy” talked about and said. He discussed some key topics and basically made everyone familiar with what it what about and what he planned on doing with it. The lady that was on the “startup” bus really was my main focus. The reason why is because she does webpage design and thats a field that I am definitely interested in. The fact that she didn’t mind that her email was giving out, and that she was willing to lend a helping hand was a beautiful thing.

Im am going to expand on my first community project which discussed what a college athlete goes through on a everyday basis. It will show practices, gatherings, and more of a one on one relationship between school and basketball. It will also show how they come into play with each other. The medium that i will use for this project is video. Im definitely going to have more editing and more creativity added on for the community 2 project. i will start recording as soon as possible. we don’t have practice tomorrow therefore, recording will actually start tuesday afternoon. as far as class times im going to take advantage of them to show recordings and to get tips on how to improve and better the project.

A “Meme” is one’s personal thought, something you may or may not agree with. Usually A “Meme” is liked by another person, and viewed by others all over the world. A Meme usually spreads throughout the world through websites and can be viewed by different people. A “meme” can be a picture, quote, symbol, or a joke that comes to one’s head.A “meme” can spread throughout many different places such as work, school, society, and especially the entire media throughout the world. Meme’s always shows some type of emotion leading towards one common point of view.


A meme can definitely have an effect on culture and politics. The way that it can effect culture is by using people of a certain skin color or background. If A meme has a certain life situation happening that others can relate to, then those who can relate will be effected by it. Meme’s are always directed at a certain type of person and a specific group so that the message can get across, and when the message gets across they want people to understand them. When a meme is negative towards a specific political party it makes those who follow and believe upset. Everyone is entitled to their own political views therefore the meme’s shouldn’t take that away. A political meme can also effect whether or not a person leans more towards a political party, or want to change their views because of the meme’s message.

The way that regular people participate is the get these specific photos and actually right the messaga eon the picture and upload them to blogs, and social networks all over the world. Once this happens then people all over the world will see the different ideas of meme’s and how creative people really are.